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Are you ready to step into the next level, best version of yourself?

Where do you want to be 3-6 months from now when it comes to your health, mindset, productivity, confidence and overall life?

If you're looking to achieve big goals and breakthroughs in your life this year, it's crucial to start by laying the foundation of proper function in the body down to the cellular level.

When we resolve the underlying root causes that drive health issues & symptoms of poor health, we optimize the internal environment in the physical body and set the stage for everything in the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies to flourish.

It's all connected. Optimal health sets the stage for attracting greater abundance and prosperity in finances, work performance, relationships and overall life improvement.

Achieving optimal health boils down to a combination of clarity and systems. Action items that may seem simple on the surface become powerful and life-changing when layered/installed in a way that becomes habitual, automatic, your new default mode.

This can lead to a number of tangible benefits including:

  • Looking and feeling your absolute best (which may include weight loss, effortlessly maintaining your healthy weight, skin clearing up, appearing more toned and fit, etc.)
  • Improving digestion and resolving painful symptoms such as bloating and inflammation
  • Increasing energy, boosting mood, achieving incredible mental clarity and focus
  • Breaking the cycle of sugar cravings or constantly thinking about food
  • Having systems in place so you eat the right foods at the right time, almost on autopilot, so your body is nourished
  • Improving confidence, body image, mindset, releasing fear and other negative emotions around food/eating
  • Ensuring all detox pathways in the body are open, which can also improve the effectiveness of any other inner work you may already be doing, such as emotional release, energy work, removing blockages, etc.

All in a way that feels sustainable, fun, energizing, and empowering when done right.

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"I was lucky enough to cross paths with Janna Melissa and her healthy glowing skin, caring nature, and intelligent conversation inspired me to give working with her on my weight loss and health goals a chance and I am so happy I did! 

Janna is not only professional and gets back to you in a reasonable amount of time, she is patient and incredibly knowledgable about nutrition and wellness. I had many questions I wanted to hear her take on and she was always well-informed, practical, and most of all she did not get annoyed with difficult questions like other professionals I’ve worked with. The latter a testament to her honesty, security, passion for nutritional therapy practice, and willingness to really serve her clients. 

During my time working with Janna, I have not only lost weight but have made easy health switches and instituted habits in my life that I am sure I will be able to maintain. 

Janna is empathetically receptive to listening to her clients’ needs and can meet you where you are (for instance, if making too many changes at once is hard on you, she will help you tailor small changes and best of all help to keep you accountable). 

Her knowledge extends past nutrition and focuses on your holistic well-being (for instance, making sure to get enough sleep and advising on granular improvements you can make in order for you to reach your nutrition and health goals).  Janna is definitely a leader NTP and you will be so fortunate if you are able to work with her and learn lifelong habits to improve your life."

- Luisa Ruiz, past coaching client

"Janna did a great job as my coach for an online nutrition program I participated in earlier this year.

With her strategically timed emails and weekly informative webinars, she kept me accountable and on track to stick with a program I wasn't sure I'd be able to stay with.

I was impressed at how she kept me motivated and offered the encouragement and support I needed to make some important changes in my eating habits."

- Rosemarie, past coaching client

About Me

Janna used a real food, functional nutrition approach to overcome her own debilitating chronic health issues that conventional doctors said she would simply have to learn to live with for the rest of her life.

While she was blown away by the progress in resolving her physical symptoms, she never expected that these same functional nutrition changes would lead her to step into a whole new version of herself.

By addressing both sides of the "gut-brain axis," she found herself unexpectedly leaving behind constant stress/anxiety as well as frequent irritability, sadness, and other negative thinking and emotional patterns. She came to this work to feel better in her physical body and ended up completely transformed on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

As a FNTP she now uses a combination of tools and a powerful framework to help clients break the vicious cycle that comes from chronic stress, feeling ruled by cravings/constant hunger, toxic food choices and resulting health issues.

— Janna Melissa, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP)

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With the right support, guidance, framework and tools, you can achieve this outcome faster than you might think. And it can be simple.

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