Ready for a health reboot?

I'll show you the exact strategies you can use to say goodbye to the health roller coaster for good...

So you can reach your long term goals and feel amazing

WITHOUT tracking calories or feeling deprived.

You Know You Are Finally Ready...

  • Ready to leave painful digestive symptoms in the past
  • Ready to stop feeling inflamed, brain fog and tired all the time
  • Ready to stop craving processed carbs and sugar like the Cookie Monster

You've done some research, and you know that food is the first step on a functional health journey.

Maybe you’ve tried a specific diet such as Paleo or AIP in the past.

Or you just want to move towards a more nutrient dense, ancestral eating style...


Starting and sticking to this type of diet feels too hard!

….especially if you have a busy life and you're not a full time homemaker
who can afford to spend all day in the kitchen.

Maybe you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • Your doctor recommended a certain anti-inflammatory elimination diet for your health condition, or you came to one through your own research, but you find yourself so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried in the past, maybe you did a Whole30 or sugar detox, but you struggled with willpower and eventually “fell off the wagon”...and now it seems harder than ever to get back on track
  • Maybe you don’t want to do a “diet” - you just know you should cut back on sugar, bread and processed foods...but you fear you can’t live without those foods, and worry you’ll end up with nothing left to eat. 

Even just thinking about all the time and energy you’ll have to spend...

  • pouring through cookbooks and recipes online
  • making detailed meal plans and shopping lists
  • or, winging it again, and ending up with a produce drawer full of rotted vegetables at the end of the week

...makes you just want to order takeout yet again and get back to binge watching Netflix. 

The great news is it doesn't have to be

so hard...

so long as you have a SIMPLE framework and set of tools to make this something you can do almost effortlessly.

And that's exactly what I would love to share with you...

And even more good news is, a highly restrictive approach is often not necessary.

 In fact, you’ll learn why I actually do not advocate a super strict and rigid approach.

Learn the simple way to use real food
to improve your health...


Real Food Reboot

A 3-part framework, step-by-step plan and practical toolkit with intensive support and guidance...

Designed to get you effortlessly eating real food and improving your health for the long term...

Without feeling deprived, tracking calories, or the process taking over your life.

Real Food Reboot is a high-touch online group coaching program where we:

  • Teach a simple approach to get the benefits of a highly effective anti-inflammatory diet without excess restriction, and custom tailor it to your individual needs.
  • Install foundational habits, systems and mindset shifts to put nutrient dense real food eating and healthy lifestyle practices on autopilot, so they become truly ingrained and something that simply continues to happen consistently on an ongoing basis to achieve optimal health.
  • Implement a step-by-step process to resolve underlying health imbalances and root causes. The magic is in the process, layering in fairly simple yet often overlooked action items one by one, without overwhelm or excessively complicated plans.
  • Reboot your health on multiple levels: habits, mindset, systems, along with metabolism, inflammation, gut microbiome and more, so your body functions the way it is meant to and you remove any roadblocks or barriers to health.

Real Food Reboot isn't your typical health or "diet" program.

This program is unlike any other health coaching program or self-study course out there, designed to give you the full solution...

That means everything you need to not only achieve impressive QUICK WINS, but also the sustainable, long-lasting deep TRANSFORMATION you truly desire.

A step-by-step plan

Actionable video trainings, accompanying workbooks, templates, tools, and journal prompts that support you through the entire Real Food Reboot process.

The curriculum is designed to give you just enough information and accompanying exercises so you are always clear on what to do next, without fluff.

Coaching and guidance

Weekly LIVE group coaching calls on Zoom help you move past anything that might be keeping you stuck, whether that's a practical question or mindset barrier, as well as map out next steps and get feedback.

I also perform a detailed review of your individual case and clinical presentation, and use that to offer custom-tailored recommendations and guidance throughout the program.

Supportive community

This is an optional private safe space (off social media for a reason), where you can choose to connect with a tight-knit community of likeminded peers working towards similar health goals.

You can also use this space to get answers to your questions and additional feedback or coaching on a daily basis between live coaching calls.

The weekly group coaching calls are also an excellent opportunity to connect LIVE with other community members.

Don't do this alone

This hybrid format is designed to give you the best of both worlds. Everyone benefits from being part of a community of peers working towards similar goals, while also receiving plenty of individual guidance.

I have also found there is something simply magical about joining a program like this. You will find yourself showing up and committing to your health in ways you likely never have before, and actually sticking with it this time.

The benefits that come from implementing this framework in a way that's truly sustainable are PRICELESS and will pay off big time for the rest of your lifetime.

I was lucky enough to cross paths with Janna Melissa and her healthy glowing skin, caring nature, and intelligent conversation inspired me to give working with her on my weight loss and health goals a chance and I am so happy I did! 

Janna is not only professional and gets back to you in a reasonable amount of time, she is patient and incredibly knowledgable about nutrition and wellness. I had many questions I wanted to hear her take on and she was always well-informed, practical, and most of all she did not get annoyed with difficult questions like other professionals I’ve worked with. The latter a testament to her honesty, security, passion for nutritional therapy practice, and willingness to really serve her clients. 

During my time working with Janna, I have not only lost weight but have made easy health switches and instituted habits in my life that I am sure I will be able to maintain. 

Janna is empathetically receptive to listening to her clients’ needs and can meet you where you are (for instance, if making too many changes at once is hard on you, she will help you tailor small changes and best of all help to keep you accountable). 

Her knowledge extends past nutrition and focuses on your holistic well-being (for instance, making sure to get enough sleep and advising on granular improvements you can make in order for you to reach your nutrition and health goals).  Janna is definitely a leader NTP and you will be so fortunate if you are able to work with her and learn lifelong habits to improve your life.

- Luisa Ruiz

Finding your way through all the conflicting dietary information out there and figuring out how to actually make it work can feel baffling, overwhelming, and even like a full time job.

Real Food Reboot helps you cut through all the noise and pave the simplest, most doable path to benefit from a truly sustainable real food lifestyle without all the confusion, frustration, and common mistakes.

This program is for anyone who already knows they want to improve their health with a general nutrient dense real food diet, or a specific diet template such as Paleo but needs some guidance and help putting together the pieces.  

It’s designed for both:

  • Beginners who are just getting started with these types of diet changes
  • As well as more seasoned real-fooders who have been at this for awhile and just wish there was an “easy button” for eating this way 

Janna did a great job as my coach for an online nutrition program I participated in earlier this year.

With her strategically timed emails and weekly informative webinars, she kept me accountable and on track to stick with a program I wasn't sure I'd be able to stay with.

I was impressed at how she kept me motivated and offered the encouragement and support I needed to make some important changes in my eating habits.

— Rosemarie

Photo credit: Amanda J. Photography

Hi there!

I’m Janna Melissa, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and I’ll be your guide on this real food nutrition and functional health journey, when you choose to join me :)

The frameworks I teach in this program were born out of my own journey to overcome chronic health issues, as well as clinical experience.

I have been working with clients in both 1:1 and group settings for years, through my private online programs and as a Health Coach in a local functional medicine office alongside top doctors.

My story began when I suspected that the medication (Prilosec) my doctor put me on long term for a rare inflammatory esophagus condition I have (EOE) was actually making me worse, causing constant painful burping, acid reflux and a nagging feeling that my overall health was falling apart....

When I reached my breaking point one day and dove into deep research, I discovered the world of functional nutritional therapy and learned I was right...

We cannot simply shut off a key body function (stomach acid production) and expect that digestion will work. Without proper digestion, we can’t optimally absorb the nutrients in food. This causes a ripple effect of multiple health issues in seemingly unconnected areas.

With a few tweaks to my diet & supplements, I achieved near complete resolution of my main symptoms, much faster than I ever imagined.

Eager to learn more, I enrolled in a holistic nutrition certification program to become a FNTP. The more I learned in that program, the more I realized how much I didn't know, and I dove deeper into peeling back the layers of my underlying health issues to achieve more complete healing and resolution.

Upon graduation, I began work as the in-house health coach in a local functional medicine clinic, alongside doctors using a holistic approach for patients with complex illness.  I spent close to one year working in that clinical environment, and what I discovered completely shocked me:

Patients who were working with some of the most talented functional medicine professionals in the area, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars undergoing advanced lab testing and aggressive IV and supplementation protocols...were still struggling to make the same basic diet changes that had helped me so much on my journey that help bring the body back in balance. 

I had learned that in the case of complex chronic illness, diet alone is often not enough to fully resolve the root cause, but a nutrient dense real food diet is the first foundational step that is key to removing the top negative inputs, calming the storm and creating the right environment for any of the other more advanced treatments to properly work. 

Doing more advanced treatments without addressing this foundational step was like fighting an uphill battle.

Yet information alone was not enough. Patients in the clinic often had a good sense of how they SHOULD be eating.  But implementation is where most people struggle.  

So I quickly learned how to translate the same systems and methods I had used myself (to quickly transition to a therapeutic real food diet and stick to it almost effortlessly over the long term) into frameworks I taught my clients as best I could in the limited window of time we had in our 1:1 sessions.  

And it worked.  The clients who actually implemented these frameworks and continued with the process got great results, told me they felt better than ever, and gave me raving feedback.  

But some clients slipped through the cracks.  My schedule became so booked up that after our initial 60 minute session, clients sometimes couldn’t get a follow up appointment for another month or longer.  

It was not feasible to teach this entire framework in a single 60 minute session, and teaching it in bits and pieces over weeks or months didn’t work for many people’s needs.  Without being able to fully convey the big picture, many people simply dropped off and did not continue with nutritional therapy after a single session.  

Not only that, but it wasn’t the best fit for my own personal working style and long-term goals.  With prior experience running a healthy recipe blog, I had always felt called towards and serving an online audience and delivering online education. 

Over the course of several years, I tested different methods for delivering my best systems, frameworks, tools, and templates into an effective online curriculum that helps clients achieve simply magical life-changing transformation in their health and overall life.

Long story short, this led me to package everything up into the best possible format for achieving both the quick wins and long term lasting transformation: Real Food Reboot. 

You have read this you are at least curious and you feel called to learn more, Go ahead and submit your application for the program. Just do it :)

I would absolutely love to have you join us in the Real Food Reboot program. I am happy to chat with you 1:1 sometime in the next week or two to get you all the details and help you make the best decision for you.

A few people who can vouch for my online programs:

When I found myself dealing with some health issues and realized how limited my diet had become (partially due to GERD), I realized it was time to make changes.

I wanted to work with Janna to learn more about how my diet was impacting my health, and to establish new, healthier habits.

I learned so much during our time together and was thankful to have someone to guide me through the process so I didn’t get overwhelmed by all the information available on rather complex nutrition topics.

After a few weeks of the program, I realized I likely had a vitamin deficiency because some of my symptoms (easy bruising) resolved after I implemented changes to my diet.

While not all results are necessarily as visible as that one was, it was really encouraging to realize the healthier habits were working.

This has been such a worthwhile investment for me, it changed a bunch of things such as how I approached cooking, which was important as someone whose eating was largely focused on convenient foods like yogurt and breakfast bars.

Although I was hesitant about how much time might be required to complete the program, I found it so valuable that I want to work with Janna again to learn more and make more improvements.

Janna does a great job of modeling healthy behaviors for her clients, and I found her to be knowledgeable, dependable, and supportive.

— Emma

Remember the expression: 
“Every time you eat or drink you are
either feeding disease or fighting it.”

It’s time to make sure the food
you are already spending money on and
putting in your body will actually have
a positive impact on your health.

An important note:

An integral part of fully benefitting from a nutrient dense real food diet is consuming adequate protein in forms that are low-inflammatory and bioavailable, meaning our body is capable of digesting, absorbing and accessing the nutrients without being bound up by plant toxins such as lectins or other antinutrients.

Because of that, the Real Food Reboot curriculum does emphasize including some form of animal protein (specifically meat, poultry or fish) with most meals. 

While it is certainly possible to still benefit from the frameworks and tools if you are following a plant-based diet, the core program curriculum won’t specifically focus on making those modifications.

I say this lovingly as an ex-vegetarian of 6+ years who very reluctantly added back in meat when my allergies and leaky gut became out of control, and I never looked back. 

If you are vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan and curious about a more ancestral approach, you are welcome to join us to learn the approach that saved my health and that of so many others.

I am happy to support you in adapting the information to your own comfort levels and needs.  

Still not sure whether Real Food Reboot is right for you?
Let's chat about what's on your mind!

Send me a DM on Instagram- I'm @realfoodplan.

Feel free to tap the microphone icon and record a 1-minute voice memo if you prefer to talk instead of type.

You can DM me on Facebook or LinkedIn instead if we are already connected there.

Prefer to connect in real time?

Simply send me a DM or email letting me know you'd like to hop on a brief call and we can set that up.

We can use the call to discuss your individual situation, get your questions answered and support you in your decisionmaking process.

(No pressure, I am truly happy to connect and want to help you make the best decision for YOU at this time!)

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The fundamental goal of Nutritional Therapy is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about—and responsible for—their own health. A Functional NTP (FNTP) helps individuals reach their optimal level of overall health by supporting and bringing balance to these five foundations: digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration. All five are built upon a single, solid base: a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet. 

By supporting each of these foundations and helping clients adopt a more nutrient-dense diet, the body's chemistry can be brought back into natural balance, setting the stage for optimal health. A FNTP makes nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness.

None of the information presented in the Real Food Reboot program or on this website is designed to diagnose or treat any specific disease or medical condition. FNTPs are not licensed or trained to make medical diagnoses or prescriptions. No comment or recommendation from Janna Melissa, FNTP or should be construed as a medical diagnosis or prescription.

Reaching optimal health requires sincere commitment, lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. If you are not willing to change how you eat and live, Nutritional Therapy is not the right approach for you. Since every human being is unique on a biochemical level, we cannot guarantee any specific result from our programs. 

If you are under the care of another healthcare provider, it is important that you contact your other healthcare providers and alert them to any changes you plan to make.  Nutritional Therapy may be a beneficial adjunct to more traditional care, and it may also alter your need for medication, so it is important you always keep your physician informed of changes in your nutritional program.